About New Zealand Seed Bank

About New Zealand Seed Bank. Learn about the New Zealand seed bank founder's and the genetic secrets growing in New Zealand. Our New Zealand seed bank is New Zealand’s only legit cannabis seed bank. Check out our seed shop for weekly deals and promotions. Our seed bank won't be undersold.

We are an English Couple running this site. We left England in 1970’s and brought with us only what we could carry in 2 suitcases. They were mostly full of marijuana seeds from Canada and Europe. Oh yeah, and one extra change of clothes. We came by boat to New Zealand after many weeks.

About New Zealand Seed Bank Genetics

The first spring in New Zealand we planted many cananbis seeds. We thought sheep manure would be great for larger yields, but it was the natural nitrogen from fish leftovers that was the magic secret. This fish fertilizer doubled our yields and made our genetics the best in the world.  Forty years of breeding cannabis in New Zealand makes a difference. Our seeds are acclimatized to grow outdoors in New Zealands harsh weather.

About New Zealand Seed Bank Founders Keith and Susan

The nature and energy is very good here, such a fresh and clean energy. Not dark like in England. We are two lifetime hippy’s, still more in love than the first day we met.

Later we travelled intensively around the globe. Including countries like India, Nepal, Russia, Africa, Canada, USA, Indonesia, and South America. There we gathered as many cannabis seeds as we could find. Some real great land races. We started breeding them with the Dutch Masters in Amsterdam. We are happy to offer you a large selection of what we believe to be the best marijuana seeds you can buy.

Local Postie Delivers

Many of you want to be safe and order locally, and it's your local Postie that will arrive safely with your order when you buy from us. We are New Zealand's only legit cannabis seed bank.

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Keith and Susan

About New Zealand Seed Bank