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New Zealand seed bank is New Zealand's only legit seed bank with delivery via your local Postie. Just place your order online so your payment can be legally accepted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Then in a flash, your order will arrive to your door from your local Postie just a few days later. Ordering online couldn't abe any safer. We have a 100% Worries-Free Guarantee. So sit back and relax knowing the professionals are taking good care of you and your safety. You have many payment options, so it's up to you how you wish to pay. We have over 20 years experience selling seeds online and know how to keep you safe.


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Buy Marijuana Seeds in New Zealand Online. Buy Cannabis Seeds online 24 hours per day. We are your only reliable connection in New Zealand, Australian and USA.  Cannabis seeds delivered by your local Postie from the best master cannabis seed breeders. Buy Marijuana Seeds while living in New Zealand.

New Zealand Seed Bank Cannabis Seed Catalogue

New Zealand Cannabis Seed Bank welcomes you to our marijuana seeds store for Kiwi’s in New Zealand. We are New Zealand's only legit cannabis seed bank connection. We're connecting you to the only seed bank that ships to you using your local Postie inside New Zealand.

Please feel free to order from New Zealand or worldwide, including Australia, USA, Japan etc.... Buy any of the below cannabis seed strains for New Zealand's climate.  Please click on the button for all this years newest strains.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We have the best stealth/hidden shipping method in the industry. We are your safe and reliable marijuana seed connection.

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If you live in Australia, you can also place your order through our seed bank connection. They're Australia’s Legit Cananbis Seed Bank.

Maori Cannabis Strains

We have many Maori cannabis strains in the works. We are working hard to develop original Kiwi Seeds. Many of these strains have been gathered from surrounding islands in the South pacific for thousands of years, then acclimated to New Zealand’s weather. Check back often for new strain releases.

Many shepherds grow cannabis using sheep dung as organic fertilizer. They say it’s cheaper and that it gives the cannabis grown in New Zealand and richer earthier taste when their joints are lit up.

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